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Commissioner Information
Erik J. Haight (R)
Marco Caviglia (D)

General Information

If your cannot find the information you need on our website, please do not hesitate to call us at (845) 486-2473.



Board of Elections publishes Resolutions

The Dutchess County Board of Elections holds regular Commissioners' meeting to formally set Board policy. Policy is codified in resolution form. Below are Commissioners' resolutions for 2014:

3 Setting Full Time Staff Salaries, Titles and Numbers  1/10/2014
4 Organization of the Board of Elections 1/10/2014
5 Limiting the amount of absentee ballots 4/30/2014
6 Guidelines and Policy for Passwords 4/4/2014
7 Nepotism Policy 4/4/2014
8 Apportionment Numbers for 2014 Election 4/16/2014
9 Designating Poll Sites for 2014 5/1/2014
10 Appointing registration Activities Coordinators for 2014 5/14/2014
11 Designating Poll Sites for the General Election 2014 8/22/2014
12 Review of Post-Registration Challenges 9/4/2014
13 Designating Poll Sites for Primary and General 2014 9/5/2014
14 Terry W. Gipson shall appear on Row “H" 10/17/2014




Board of Elections is seeking Bi-Lingual Election Inspectors

The Dutchess County Board of Elections is seeking individuals to serve as Elections Inspectors for the 2013 Elections, particularly individuals with Spanish language
proficiency to help with a new initiative to provide Spanish language access for elections in Dutchess County.

Elections Inspectors are paid $150 for a Primary Election
(12:00pm-9:00pm), $215 for a General Election (6:00am-
9:00pm), and $35 for a mandatory training class.  Those
interested should contact the DCBOE at (845) 486-2473 or dutchesselections.com.



New Absentee Form

With the adoption of two laws amending the NYS Election Law, the State Board has created new forms related to:

(1) Absentee Ballot Application Form, to reflect changes pursuant to Chapter 63 of the Laws of 2010, in relation to simplifying the absentee ballot process; and

(2) Special Ballot Application Form and the Special Ballot Oath Envelope, to reflect changes pursuant to Chapter 38 of the Laws of 2010, in relation to the rights of a victim of domestic violence to cast special ballots.

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